About Company.

Lycan started from the philosophy and the will to practice it of wild explorer, backpack travele, camping enthusiast who seek even lighter and innovative equipments. Light but safe multifunctional idea outdoor is the most active be-haviour of product developer, who enjoys outdoor, can fulfill.

Lycan pursuits primitive wildness like the image of werewolf. If your backpack is light, your body and mind become lighter and can enjoy the nature even deeper and wider. For human to return to primarily exsted nature, we have to blend in slowly, quietly and small.

Our Philosophy.

Lycan has product manufacturing philosophy of maximized functionality in minimized size. We develop different kinds of products packed into backpacks by finding more innovative technology and idea to manufacture products that maximize activity and utility.

We Are

About LYCAN.

Lycan indicates human who became a beast (werewolf). On ordinary times he is a normal human but if a particular circumstance arise, he changes into the beast. Legend of lycan appears on folktale, fable from all around the world including ancient Greek/Roman myths.

There exists many stories about lycan in the world from caused by a disease to caused by genetics that it is hard to find a common characteristic. But one common feature is that lycan and the moon have peculiar causal relationship. .The biggest feature of lycan that everyone can think of is primitive wild, supernatural strength and strong vitality. Lycan can be met in many diverse cultural media.Representative movies are Twilight, Underworld and Van Hellsing, and more.